African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

Ministerial Staff

The Rev. Carolyn Corey
The Rev. Wanda Merriweather
The Rev. Brenda Underwood
The Rev. Sheridan Williams

The Rev. Shaneika Thomas
Sis. Debra Pettigrew
Bro. Rick Lee

Music Staff

Mrs. Vanessa Pickens
Director of Music
Mr. Robert Boone
The Rev. Sheridan Williams
Assistant Director of Music

The Officers & Chairpersons –
Mr. Christopher L. Howie, Chairman, Board of Stewards
Mr. Harold Watson, Chairman, Board of Trustees

The Church Staff -
Ms. Shirley Bayne
Secretary/Administrative Assistant

Mr. Morris Lockhart
Building Superintendent

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Mid-west Episcopal Area
Michigan Conference
Detroit District

Mrs. Camille C. Starnes, Missionary Supervisor
The Right Reverend Darryl B. Starnes, Bishop